Rouye is a Chinese clean beauty brand committed to curating a diverse range of inclusive, high-aspiration products tailored specifically for young Chinese beauty consumers embarking on their personal beauty journey. In contrast to traditional Chinese clean beauty brands, which emphasize safety and effectiveness, Rouye sets itself apart by promoting emotional wellbeing and self-care.

The brand’s visual identity harmoniously embodies its philosophy—an interplay between gentleness and boldness that resonates with the spirit of the young female generation. Inspired by Chinese calligraphy, the logo seamlessly transforms its essence into English lettering with a contemporary twist, presenting a unified visual narrative. The thick and light strokes within the Chinese characters are intentionally inverted, which symbolize courage and rebellion. Rooted in the brand’s name, the color palette strikes a balance between “mildness” and “wildness.” The serene light blue conveys purity and calmness, while the vibrant red represents vitality and vivacity.

The packaging is designed to be compact and easily portable. Steering away from overly lavish or clinically sterile designs, the brand’s goal is to craft a product that’s both playful and refined, also serving as a stylish accessory that captures attention.

︎︎︎ Category: Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Typography
︎︎︎ Client: Rouye
︎︎︎ Creative Direction: Meng Shui
︎︎︎ Identity Design, Packaging Design: Janny Ji

︎︎︎ Product Design: Lynn Lin

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