Platoon is a London-based creative services firm founded in 2016, acquired by Apple in 2018. It was built to enable independent artists to distribute their music. The company creates a community for fearless creatives across the world, and it is extremely active in Africa’s music scene with services, events, and campaigns that are strictly focused on African artists.

The re-brand task was to create a singular logo that can live alongside the existing Platoon wordmark. With the company’s core principles and background in mind, our team at Pentagram developed a unique symbol that depicts two zebras hugging each other in an abstract way to celebrate the idea of parts coming together to form perfect harmony and balance. The logo is used throughout the identity system, including website, music video watermarks, vinyl record covers, posters, apparel and many more.

︎︎︎ Category: Brand Identity
︎︎︎ Client: Platoon
︎︎︎ Studio: Pentagram
︎︎︎ Creative Direction: Luke Hayman
︎︎︎ Team: Shigeto Akiyama, Janny Ji, Xinle Huang

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