The Science of Thinking’

Mindworks: The Science of Thinking is the world’s first discovery center and working lab dedicated to behavioral science. Presented by the Center for Decision Research (CDR) at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, the space is a one-of-a-kind experience where people can learn more about how their minds work, and at the same time, contribute to groundbreaking science as participants. Pentagram has developed a fun and engaging experience design for Mindworks that immerses visitors in an interactive exhibit space that both introduces the concepts behind behavioral science and produces quality research.

The project was developed in collaboration by three Pentagram partners: Giorgia Lupi and team created the experience design and interactive installations; Abbott Miller and team developed the exhibition design, display system and environmental graphics; and Luke Hayman and team designed the visual identity. The Pentagram designers worked closely with the CDR and KrueckSexton Partners to create a holistic environment that seamlessly combines the exhibits, research and data collection within one physical space.

︎︎︎ Category: Brand Identity, Exhibition Design, Data Driven Design
︎︎︎ Client: The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
︎︎︎ Studio: Pentagram
︎︎︎ Creative Direction: Luke Hayman, Giorgia Lupi, Abbott Miller
︎︎︎ Team: Kirsty Gundry, Lindsey Petersen, Michelle Brown, Ting Fang Cheng, Sarah Kay Miller, Phillip Cox, Shigeto Akiyama, Janny Ji, Katie Lovins

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